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Welcome to my enchanting world of textured fluid art! I have been teaching acrylic pouring since 2018 and resin art since 2020. My beginner to master art academy courses are designed to take beginners to an advanced level or fill in the gaps that the more experienced artist may have.

Come explore my mixed media fluid art courses and workshops for a hands-on journey where I'll guide you step-by-step. Learn to achieve mesmerizing cells, intricate patterns, and captivating color combinations. Discover the secrets of creating stunning abstract pieces using acrylic pouring, mixed media, and resin techniques.

Experience the healing power, relaxing benefits, & joy of textured fluid art. Join a course now! I can't wait to see you inside my acrylic pouring academy.

Our Courses and Books

Beginners Acrylic Pouring Course

Our favorite online course tailored just for beginners! I get it - starting with acrylic pouring can be tricky. That's why my online acrylic pouring course is here to help you turn your challenges into skills. Unlock the secrets of paint flow, nail 7 beginner techniques, perfect your paint mixing, and play around with cool additives. Your path to becoming a confident pouring artist starts now!"

Mud to Masterpiece Course

Dive into my 'Mud to Masterpiece' color course – your shortcut to vibrant, mud-free acrylic pours!

Discover the secrets to choosing dazzling color palettes and avoiding muddy mishaps. Inside, unlock my exclusive "Color Roadmapping Formula" for picture-perfect pours. 

Paint Mixing Workshop

Become a pro at mixing paints for acrylic pouring in less than 1 hour. Unlock the Secrets to Perfect Paint Consistency with My Easy-to-Follow, Step-by-Step Fluid Art Workshop.

Bling it Geodes Course

This course will take your acrylic pouring skills to the next level. Learn how to combine acrylic pouring techniques to create geode patterns and how to embellish your pours with crystals and other mixed media supplies.

Realistic 3-D Ocean Pours

A complete guide to creating 3-D Ocean Pours with acrylic pouring and embellishing materials such as sand, seashells, and more. No resin needed for these creations!

Mixed Media-Resin Seascape

A mixed media masterclass where you will learn how to create this beautiful seascape with DIY  texture paste, glitter, resin, sand, seashells, and more. 

Dragon Eyes on Glass Cabochons

Join me as I take you through my process of creating these gorgeous dragon eyes on glass cabochons. Perfect for making all sorts of fun crafts like magnets, bracelets, dragon dice boxes, and much more!

Mixed Media Trays Workshop

A three-day workshop where you will learn how to work with mixed media supplies to create these beautiful serving trays. Learn how to pour your acrylic paints, embellish your pours with glitter and golden accents, and finish it all off with a shiny coat of resin. 

Paint Pouring Color Combos Mega Pack

151 ready-made PDF color palettes for EASY Acrylic Pour Painting! If you are feeling overwhelmed when choosing colors, just pick one of these spectacular color combos for PERFECT Acrylic Pourings Every Time.

Color Palettes Master Library

This online Color Master Library is a database that has a growing list of color palettes ideas. Quickly get color combination ideas and fluid art inspiration by browsing through 54 color combos and filtering by colors, seasons, holidays, and type.

Paint Cup Labels

Done-For-You PRINTABLE Paint Cup Labels to keep your bottles and cups of leftover paint beautifully organized. 

2 different styled Printables for 1x2 5/8-inch adhesive labels that fit cups, small bottles, and big bottles. 

Painting Journal

Easily keep a record of how you created each one of your pour paintings so you can replicate your results and troubleshoot any issues in the future.

Painting will all of a sudden become more enjoyable!!!

Beach Pour Tutorial

Capture the beauty of the beach with my "Beach Pour" tutorial. Join me on a captivating journey where you'll pours 7 flip cups to create a majestic beach. Free resin top-coat tutorial included. 

Acrylic Pouring Logbook/journal

This log book and journal combination is the perfect companion to document, track, and enhance your creative process. Remember how you created your artwork and troubleshoot any issues by looking at your notes.

Who leads your education?

Hi, I'm Loida, the creative mind behind LoveAcrylicPainting.com and the founder of Elite Fluid Art Academy. With a lifelong passion for art, I've cultivated vibrant communities where artists unite to explore acrylic painting's limitless possibilities. Building upon this success, I envisioned Elite Fluid Art Academy—a hub where artists can delve into the mesmerizing world of fluid art under my expert guidance.

As your dedicated teacher, I'm committed to nurturing your artistic talents and guiding you through our thoughtfully curated courses. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into the world of fluid art or an experienced artist seeking new techniques, you're in the right place. Our courses are designed to challenge, inspire, and elevate your skills, empowering you to create stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Join me in this creative journey, where we'll transform your visions into awe-inspiring creations, painting the world with our imagination.

Who Are These Fluid Painting Classes & Acrylic Pouring Workshops For?

My fluid art classes and acrylic pouring classes are tailored to cater to artists of all levels. Whether you're a beginner seeking to grasp the basics or an advanced artist looking to refine your skills, my online classes provide a nurturing and supportive environment for growth. Dive into the world of acrylic pouring techniques, explore different pouring styles, and learn how to manipulate and control the flow of colors to create breathtaking composition. And if you want to learn about resin, mixed media, or other types of art forms, I also have classes for you. I will share my years of expertise, tips, and tricks to help you achieve stunning results.

What Types of Fluid Art Classes Are Available?

If you're eager to explore further, my online fluid art workshops encompass a wide range of fluid art techniques, including mixed media and resin. Expand your artistic horizons as you delve into the interplay of various materials, combining acrylic pouring with other mediums to create dynamic and textured artworks. Dive into the world of resin art, learning the fundamentals of resin pouring, embedding objects, and achieving glossy, glass-like finishes.

The list of fluid painting classes, courses, and tutorials on this page continues to grow month-by-month, bringing you exciting painting adventures and the latest techniques, so come back often to see what's new!

Do You Offer In-Person Acrylic Pouring Workshops?

Yes! If you live in the Provo, UT area or up to 45 miles away from Provo and want to attend an in-person acrylic pouring workshop or a one-on-one class, you are in luck! Click here to check out my Acrylic Pour Painting Classes, Parties, and Events page!

My one-on-one paint pouring classes, group parties, and events are created to help artists of all ages explore the endless possibilities of fluid art. My goal is to help your creativity flourish while you have fun!

Discover the transformative power of fluid art and unleash your inner artist. Whether you're looking to attend our fluid art workshops, join my acrylic pouring classes, or dive into my tutorials, I am here to support and guide you on your artistic journey. Step into a world of colors, textures, and boundless imagination. Experience the magic of fluid art with me today.

Please note: Most workshops, classes and tutorials found on this page are conveniently offered online, unless otherwise noted. This means you can embark on your creative journey from the comfort of your own space, no matter where you are in the world. My online courses feature a treasure trove of recorded videos and comprehensive written lessons, accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any electronic device. You have the freedom to learn at your own pace and revisit the materials as often as desired. For those seeking a more interactive experience, I also offer real-time workshops conducted online and in-person classes in the Provo, Utah area (and surrounding areas). Check my website regularly for updates and upcoming events.

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