Mesmerizing Color Combination Ideas at Your Fingertips So You Can Get Inspired & Quickly Get to Pour Painting

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stuck When Choosing Colors?

The Color Master Library is a database that has a growing list of color palettes ideas.

Quickly get color combination ideas and fluid art inspiration by browsing through 54 color combos and filtering by colors, seasons, holidays, and type.

The Color Master Library continues to grow every month!

The Biggest Secret for Fluid Art Success...

I've asked some of the best Fluid Artists, "How do you get such color-bursting artwork?" 

And they all say the same thing: "It all starts with choosing a great color palette."

They are not better than you.

They are not smarter than you.

They just choose great color palettes before they start paint pouring.

Look at the screenshots below and notice how the first image of each set of pours look boring, dull, & lifeless.

Did you notice how the two last images of each set are bursting in so much color and life?

This is the secret for how some of the best Fluid Artists consistently create STUNNING Fluid Art. They start with great color choices.

But there's only one problem with this: not everybody has the talent to come up with great color palettes! And not everyone knows how to correctly layer them so that they do not turn into mud!

The Quickest Way to Get Rid of Color Choice Paralysis!

You could stare for hours at your blank canvas trying to come up with color ideas for your next pour.

Or you could scroll thousands of Youtube videos.

But now there's a faster way.

The Color Master Library has hundreds of successful color palettes for you to quickly scan through and find inspiration for your next gorgeous pour painting.  

Each color palette has the paint colors and paint brands listed for each of the colors that are shown. If you don't have those colors on hand or don't want to purchase them, you can just mix your own colors with whatever paints you have at home to try to replicate what you see on the palette.

And wouldn't it be nice if you wanted to do a Christmas or Halloween pour painting (or for any other holiday) and with one click of a button you could sort through the color palettes to find what you need? 

Or maybe you want to do a pour painting that has a certain color in it. Wouldn't it be great if you could just easily sort the palettes by colors?

Not only that... but you can also sort through them by Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and Type (metallic, pastel, dark, light, neutral, vivid, and whimsical).


Each color palette also mentions the technique used for that particular pour painting along with helpful tips on why those colors work and how to layer them to avoid muddy paintings!

Look at the example below!

Get Your Next Color Combo Idea

Find Proven Color Combos

Filter color combos by season, color, holiday, and type (like metallic, pastel, dark, light, neutral, vivid, and whimsical)

Make Better Art

Get inspiration by browsing through 54 images of actual paint pours along with the color combo and technique used. Get tips on why these colors palettes work and how to layer them to avoid muddy paintings.

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If you want to stop choosing the same colors over and over...

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This Master Library is for you!

You're Just One Palette Away...

It only takes one palette to change your life.

The Color Combo Master Library is the fastest way to get inspiration for that next pour painting.

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Can't wait to see you inside!

Color Master Library 

The easy way to get right to pouring without spending countless hours thinking about what colors to use next. 

No more color choice paralysis!

Here's everything you get when you sign up today:

  • Access to Color Master Library ($99 Value)- Master library currently has 54 sortable charming color palettes. Color palettes are sortable by color, season, holiday, and type. Each color palette has a picture of a pour painting, along with the technique, and the colors used for that pour painting.
  • Info on why each color palette works and helpful tips on how to layer your colors!
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