SECRET "Color Picking Formula" helps you choose EYE-CATCHING Color Palettes every time

It's the easiest and quickest way to magically transform ugly-looking paintings into stunning vibrant art without watching hours and hours of confusing Youtube videos.


Mud to Masterpiece!

Are you STRUGGLING with colors schemes?

Don't know how to choose colors that go well together?

Are you beyond FRUSTRATED because you can't get vibrant colors in fluid art?

Are your paintings turning into mud???

Do you have a color chart but something just DOESN'T CLICK for you?

Are your paintings UGLY?

Would you like to earn how to make Gorgeous and Vibrant pieces of art? 

Well, I created this Mud to Masterpiece color theory course that applies SPECIFICALLY to acrylic pouring.

It takes you through everything that you need to know to start making stunning paintings that you will be proud of! 

You don't have to be afraid of messing up your paintings anymore because I will teach you the SECRETS to vibrant pour paintings!

Discover my SECRET "Color Picking Formula" that will transform your vomit-looking fluid art into vibrantly colored masterpieces in less than 1 minute and EVEN IF you have no artistic bone in your body.

My Color Picking Formula is an EASY 4-step process that uses the color wheel as a map to choose the perfect color combo... every time!

This is the most simple and quick way to create thousands of breath-taking color palettes that WORK with Fluid Art.

Choose EYE-CATCHING color palettes every time!!!

What You Will Learn: Course Curriculum


Module 1: The Basics of the Color Wheel (As it Applies to Fluid Art)

Lesson 1: Welcome

Lesson 2: The Basics of the Color Wheel

Lesson 3: Basics of Primary Colors- Why You Get Muddy Colors


Module 2: Four Rules for Vibrant Paintings

Lesson 1: Rule #1. Choosing Your Technique

Lesson 2: Rule #2. Getting the Right Paint Consistency for the Chosen Technique

Lesson 3: Rule #3. Adjusting the Ratio of Complementary Colors

Lesson 4: Rule #4. Mastering the Layering of Colors to Minimize Muddiness


Module 3: Color Choosing Tactics

Lesson 1: How Color Tug-of-War Derails Your Success

Lesson 2: Choosing The Perfect Color Palette Every Time

Lesson 3: My 1-minute SECRET Color Picking Formula

Lesson 4: Demo Videos Showing How to Choose Fail-proof Color Palettes

Lesson 5: One Simple Tweak You Can Do to Minimize Muddy Colors

New Color Theory Course: 



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You have nothing to lose!

Personal Note for You

After all the hard work I put into this course, I am proud to say that you will not be disappointed. I am excited to share all my secrets with you. Let me guide you every step of the way!

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