Learn How to Mix Acrylic Pouring Paints In Less Than 1 Hour

Unlock the Secrets to Perfect Paint Consistency with My Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Workshop

Are Confusing Paint Ratios Sabotaging Your Pours?

If you've ever found yourself frustrated and scratching your head over acrylic pouring, specifically the perplexing world of paint mixing...

You're not alone!

Deciphering the right paint and pouring medium ratios often feels like trying to solve a complex puzzle!

Despite your enthusiasm and attempts at following instructions from various artists on YouTube, achieving that elusive paint consistency seems like deciphering an intricate code. You've heard terms like "small mound," "1-second trace," or "flow like warm honey or whipping cream," but translating these into a successful pour feels like navigating uncharted waters. 

The struggle is real, and it's more than just a minor hiccup in your creative process – it's a roadblock preventing you from fully enjoying the art you love.

As you dive deeper into the acrylic pouring community, the frustration compounds. The seemingly straightforward advice from others leaves you more confused than ever. The instructions, despite being well-intentioned, don't quite hit the mark for your unique artistic journey. 

Every attempt to mimic the techniques you've seen online results in disappointment, leaving you wondering why achieving the right consistency feels like an insurmountable challenge. 

The more you try to make sense of it, the more exasperated you become.

It's like trying to solve a puzzle with missing pieces, and your enthusiasm for acrylic pouring starts to wane. The joy and excitement you initially felt turn into a persistent annoyance, overshadowing the creative fulfillment you hoped to experience.

Time for a Solution!

But... What if there was a way to lift this weight of confusion and frustration? 

What if you could confidently mix your paints with pouring medium, knowing you're on the right path to the perfect consistency for your acrylic pours?

Imagine a workshop with a foolproof-method, designed to demystify the entire process, tailored for beginners just like you.

You're not alone in this journey, and the Paint Mixing Workshop is here to be your guiding light. 

Step-by-Step Paint Mixing Workshop

In my online Paint Mixing Workshop, I unravel the intricacies of paint mixing in acrylic pouring step-by-step. Learn foolproof methods, gain clarity on paint mixing, and confidently achieve the perfect consistency for your pours. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to an enjoyable artistic journey. Join me, and let's pour with confidence together!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Upon signing up, you'll get immediate access to my Paint Mixing Workshop. Designed for your convenience, the workshop can be completed in under one hour, providing a quick and effective solution to your paint mixing woes. By the end, you'll confidently know how to achieve the perfect consistency for your desired pouring techniques, thanks to my foolproof mixing and testing method. No more guesswork, just successful pours!

course curriculum

3 Quick and Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Modules



In this module you will learn my preferred method for testing the consistency of my paint mixes without guessing and how to get started with paint mixing.

Lesson 1. Introduction to Paint Mixing Workshop (0:44 min)

Lesson 2. Paint Consistency Indicator (6:13 min)



In this module you will discover the 3 factors that affect your paint mix consistency, my pouring medium DEMO recipe for a quick reference of what your own pouring medium's consistency should look like, as well as how to determine and adjust the consistency of your pouring medium.

Lesson 1. 3 Factors That Affect Consistency (9:16 min)

Lesson 2. Pouring Medium DEMO Recipe (3:41 min)

Lesson 3. Determining the Consistency of Your Pouring Medium (2:44 min)

Lesson 4. Adjusting Your Pouring Medium's Consistency (2:57 min)



In this module we will dive right into my foolproof paint mixing process. Learn my recommended paint to pouring medium ratios, how to mix different types of paints, and how to adjust the consistency of your paint mixes so that you can use them for your desired techniques.

Lesson 1. Paint to Pouring Medium Ratios Guide (1:12 min)

Lesson 2. Mixing Heavy Body, Soft Body, & Fluid Paints (15:17 min)

Lesson 3. Mixing High-Flow Paints (7:09 min)

Lesson 4. How to Thicken Up Your Paint Mixtures (1:21 min)

About The Course Teacher, Loida Fajardo

Meet Loida Fajardo, the creative force behind LoveAcrylicPainting.com & EliteFluidArtAcademy.com—an acclaimed abstract fluid artist and mentor. With a teaching journey since 2018 and ventures into resin art from 2020, Loida has dedicated hours to mastering fluid art, resin, and mixed media.

As an artist who understands the frustrations encountered in the painting process, Loida shares her insights gained from making mistakes, ruining paintings, and overcoming challenges. Her passion lies in witnessing her students light up with joy when acrylic pouring.

Join Loida to uncover an easy, foolproof method for confident paint mixing and achieving perfect consistency in every acrylic pour. Delve into the enchanting world of acrylic pouring—where stunning art meets pure fun.

Ready for the journey? Join now.

Why Our Paint Mixing Workshop Stands Out

Investing in your artistic journey is a pivotal step towards unlocking the secrets of acrylic pouring, and I understand the importance of ensuring that your investment is not just worthwhile but exceptional.

Private coaching sessions, a route many artists consider, often come with a hefty price tag – imagine spending $450 for just a few hours of in-person lessons with me. While the personal touch is undoubtedly valuable, it doesn't compare to the comprehensive knowledge and foolproof methods you'll gain through my Paint Mixing Workshop.


Consider this: the equivalent knowledge, if pursued independently, could lead to hundreds of dollars wasted on failed pours, not to mention the time and frustration that accompanies trial and error. 

I've invested countless hours practicing and experimenting with various paints and pouring mediums to develop an easy and foolproof method for you. If you decide not to take this course, the cost of experimenting on your own, both in terms of materials and time, can quickly add up.

Now, imagine a solution that not only saves you from these potential expenses but also provides you with a clear path to success. My Paint Mixing Workshop is designed to be a cost-effective investment in your artistic journey, offering unparalleled value.

So, let's dive in together and unlock the secrets of acrylic pouring without breaking the bank!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I have so much confidence that my course will be the BEST AND EASIEST SOLUTION to get you on the right path to create beautiful acrylic pour paintings, that I am willing to take ALL the risk and offer you this following guarantee:

Go through all the lessons, implement the techniques, experiment with all the advice and tips I offer you, and if you do not feel like you are benefiting from the course, you should not pay.

Just send me an email to support@lovearylicpainting.com during the 30-day period and I will return ALL your investment. You have nothing to lose!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Course Right for Me?

This course is for beginners who have never tried acrylic pour painting or those that have already tried acrylic pour painting but you are not getting the results they want.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by so much info and videos and want an easy step-by-step process for accurately mixing your paints with pouring medium and getting your paint mixtures to the right consistency, then this course is for you. 

Give it a try, and if for some reason you don't feel like you benefited from it, I have a money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

When Does This Course Start and Finish? 

This is a self-paced online course that is available to start as soon as you sign up. You decide when you want to start, how fast to go through the lessons and when to finish.

How Long Do I Have Access To The Course?

After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to this course (and to all the possible updates done in the future) forever. You can access this course in any and all the devices you own.

What If I Don't Like The Course?

I have so much confidence that my "Paint Mixing Workshop" will be the BEST SOLUTION to get you on the right path to accurately mixing your paints without confusion and overwhelm, that I am willing to take ALL the risk and offer you this following guarantee:

Go through all the lessons, implement the techniques, experiment with all the advice and tips I offer you, and if you do not feel like you are benefiting from the course, you should not pay.

Just send me an email to support@loveacrylicpainting.com during the 30-day period and I will return ALL your investment. You have nothing to lose!

75% OFF

Total Value: $150  Today: $37

Dear Enchanting Creative,

After all the hard work I put into this course, I am proud to say that you will not be disappointed. I am excited to share all my secrets with you. I hope you'll sign up and let me help you forget about your worries and create amazing abstract art!  I am super excited to see you inside the course. I know you will not regret it!

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