Document Your Creative Process with the Ultimate Acrylic Pouring Log Book & Journal

When I was barely starting to learn acrylic pouring, I was Sooo EXCITED and having Sooo Much FUN, that I didn't take the time to keep a record of the paints, pouring mediums, additives, recipes, and techniques I was using to make my paintings.

So weeks/months later (sometimes just days later... haha) after making a painting, I was completely CLUELESS about how I had made that painting.

If I wanted to replicate my results, I just didn't know how!

If I wanted to learn from my mistakes... NOPE! Couldn't do that either because I had NO NOTES about what worked and what didn't!


Hi, my name is Loida! And I get your frustration and doubtfulness when it comes to trying to replicate your results or simply remember how you did a certain painting and realize you didn't keep any notes! 

But what if you had a system that could HELP YOU keep track of not only the materials you used, but also the technique, the fails, your successes, the finished results, and more? 

You would become a better artist, prevent many mistakes, and save $$$ because you would be able to look back and see what worked and what didn't!

Painting will all of a sudden become more enjoyable!!!

I'm here to help you do just that!

I want to show you how you can easily keep track of all the details of your projects with my Done-For-You PRINTABLE Acrylic Pouring Log Book & Journal Sheets! Sigh! They are just like a breath of fresh air.

Painting Log!

Look at this cute and organized painting log sheet example. No more second guessing what you used and no more wondering if you will be able to recreate it.

Print it, fill it out, and save it in a binder inside clear sheet protectors... or simply tape it to the back of the painting.

Painting Journal!

Complementing the log book, the journal sheets provide extra space for personal reflections, extra notes, tips, experiments, and creative ideas. Use this space to jot down notes, write down future project ideas, and capture the essence of your creative pouring process.

How to Use Them

Here's Everything You Will Get...

  • Colored Printouts of the Painting Log and Journal sheets.
  • Black and white Painting Log and Journal sheets for those of you who want to save money on colored ink. 
  • Colored and Black & White Printables with an editable picture slot. Just upload a digital picture of your artwork to the painting diary sheet of your choice inside of Canva and print it right at home! No need to order a print or drive to the store to get a print of your artwork. 

*This is a digital product. No physical goods will be delivered. All items are digital and printable.

Get Your Painting Log Book & Journal Printouts

These PDF printouts will help you keep your sanity, & save you money and time

*This is a digital product. No physical goods will be delivered. All items are digital and printable.

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My "Painting Diary" Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

I know you are going to love having a painting diary that you can refer back to every time you need to refresh your memory about a painting! In fact, if for any reason you don't like my printables, I'll send back every penny you paid. Just email me at

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