151 Spectacular Color Combinations for PERFECT Acrylic Pourings Every Time!

Ready-made PDF color palettes for EASY Acrylic Pour Painting! NO OVERWHELM & NO FRUSTRATION... just Beautiful Art!!!

Feeling overwhelmed when choosing colors?

  • Do you love pour painting but feel OVERWHELMED every time you need to choose your color palette?
  • Have you tried paint pouring with different color combos but NOTHING really pops? 
  • Do you have tons of blank canvases sitting on a shelf because you are too scared to pour and get an Ugly Painting?
  • Do you paralyze in fear when pouring because you don't believe you can create something beautiful?
  • Do you FEEL STUCK, choosing the same colors OVER & OVER again?
  • Does your Excitement often end up in DISSAPOINTMENT because your painting didn't turn out as expected?

Hey... I get it!

Even though paint pouring is all I want to do, I've also felt overwhelmed when trying to decide what colors to choose for my pour.

It wasn't too long ago that I was stuck in the pattern of choosing the same colors OVER & OVER again. Ughhh!

So if you are feeling OVERWHELMED and STUCK...YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  


You see, not all of us have an art major!

It took me a few weeks of studying, watching videos, and playing with colors to really understand how colors mix and what elements come into play when trying to get vibrant colors in pour painting.

And since acrylic pouring is still fairly new in the internet world and very few people talk about color theory as it pertains to acrylic pouring, creating beautiful color combos is not as easy as it looks (at least not to some of us)!

So if you are like me (don't have an innate artistic eye or an art major) and just want to get to acrylic pour painting without stressing about choosing beautiful color combinations and without worrying about wasting tons of money on supplies, then I have GREAT NEWS for you!!!



151 Color Palettes for Perfect Pour Paintings!

Get BEAUTIFUL looking palettes (in PDF format) so you can get to back into pouring with less worrying! Just pick a palette, get your colors, and start pouring right away!

The Paint Pouring Color Combo Mega Pack PDF includes:

  • 21 captivating color palettes (PDF) for creating art that amazes.
  • 16 fail-proof color palettes (PDF) for acrylic pouring beginners. Perfect color combinations to avoid muddy looking colors!
  • 19 metallic palettes (PDF) so you can use metallic paints to make your art even more beautiful.
  • 47 color combos (PDF) for every season of the year. Stunning color palettes for beginners or more advanced painters!
  • 48 rainbow color palettes for 8 different colors. Psychological color meaning included for each color. Choose from cool, warm, bright, analogous, monochromatic, and mixture color schemes.


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You have nothing to lose!

What Exactly is the Paint Pouring Color Combo Super Mega Pack and How Does it Work? 

  • The Color Combo Super Mega Pack has 151 color palettes in PDF format to help you create beautiful pour paintings effortlessly. Some palettes have a picture of a specific pour painting with the set of colors used to create that painting. Other palettes only show the colors with color names and brands listed. 
  •  Just pick a palette for your next pour painting, match the colors you have on hand or plan to purchase to the colors shown on the palette you chose, and start pouring!
  • Download the PDF to your phone, computer or device of your choice or Print it out on cardstock for easy reference! Some people like to have the PDF downloaded on their phone to quickly compare the colors they have on hand or colors on the store shelf to the colors shown on the palette of their choice. Others prefer to print out the PDF in cardstock paper (and even laminate it) to use it for more accurate paint matching. 

DISCLAIMER: Even though I've made my best effort to match the colors you see on the color palettes to the physical color of the paints mentioned, it's not 100% possible to accurately represent physical paint colors through electronic devices. Also, because color names and the physical color of the paints may vary across the different brands of acrylic paints available on the market, you need to understand that your results will vary. Even the way you layer your paints, the consistency of your paint mixes, the pouring medium you choose, and the technique you use will determine your final result, so these color palettes are meant to be used as GUIDE only.

Personal Note for You

After all the hard work I put into these creating these resources, I am proud to say that you will not be disappointed. I want to help you create beautiful pour painting art EASILY. Let me guide you every step of the way!

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