Favorite Art Tools - Canvases, Paints, Embellishments, Business Resources, and More!

Here are my favorite paint products and services that I use for my fluid art creations, crafts, and art business. I only recommend products I personally use and love.

Many of these links are affiliate links, which I earn a small commission at no cost to you. It is a nominal amount but much appreciated. Thank you!

Beginners Acrylic Pouring Course

Our favorite online course tailored just for beginners!  This 5-star rated beginner's acrylic pouring course will take the newbie to an intermediate level in no time and fill any gaps in acrylic pouring knowledge that may be holding you back from reaching your full artistic potential. 

Beginner Acrylic Pouring Supplies

If you're just starting with acrylic pouring, and you’re on a budget, there are many affordable options that are perfect for beginners.

Grab all the beginner supplies you need right here!

Complete Fluid Art Supplies & Equipment

If you're interested in fluid art, there is some additional equipment you'll need to produce high-quality artwork. Here are some suggestions for higher quality fluid art supplies, tools, and equipment to make your creation process easier.

Epoxy Resin Supplies

If you've been doing acrylic pouring art for a while and you're ready to take your skills to the next level, it may be time to start pouring with epoxy resin. We've got you covered with the best epoxy resins and other necessary tools you need to get started. 

Resin Additives and Pigments

If you're a resin artist, take a look at these resin additives and pigments. They deliver the highest quality results. 

Resin Molds

Every resin artist needs molds. I've compiled a huge list of a different variety of molds so you can easily find what you need!

Favorite Canvas

Ready to do some Fluid Art? See a list of the 7 BEST Canvas for acrylic pouring HERE.

Shop Fave Paint Products – Paints, Mediums, Additives, & Top Coats

Here area few of my go-to paints and my favorite pouring mediums, additives, and tops coats for fluid acrylic and resin art. 

Shop Favorite Embellishments for Mixed Media Art

These are some of my favorite embellishments.

Click HERE to see how I and other artists use some of them.

Shop Favorite Mica Powders & Pigments

Gorgeous colors for making Geodes or Bloom Pours. I absolutely love all the products by Colourarte….see some of my favorites below.

Make sure you use COUPON CODE love621 to get 20% OFF on any Colourarte product!

Shop Top Tools

Here are some of my go-to tools and products that make the job easier.

Business Resources

I frequently get asked questions about running a blog, a Youtube channel, and an ecommerce store, so here are a few resources I use, love, and recommend:

  • Neewer Ring Light – primo lighting for Facebook Lives and videos
  • Smartphone Cellphone holder fits on my tripod — for Facebook Lives and videos
  • Aweber- for sending promotional emails and newsletters to your subscribers. Use my referral link here, please.
  • Canva – for making graphics for my Youtube channel and blog. I even use it to make PDF's, e-books, charts, business cards, editing pictures, digital art, templates, videos, presentations, and much more. Definitely one of my most used tools in my art business. Not sure what I would do without it! Join Canva here.
  • Shopify- for selling my embellishing products online … aka e-commerce. By far the BEST e-commerce platform out there. Makes setup and selling physical products EASY! Increase your sales by using their top-notch analytics. Please use my referral link here. 
  • ThriveCart- a shopping cart to sell your digital and physical products like courses, services, or physical items. Integrate it into your website or use their embed codes in the emails sent to your email list in your autoresponder. Or host your own courses or tutorials inside of the ThriveCart platform for FREE.. no need for a separate website or selling platform. Make your course and sell it with ThriveCart! Check it out here!
  • SamCart- the BEST tool to create passive income by selling your digital and physical products like courses, services, and even physical items. It's similar to ThriveCart but on steroids! Discover how 21,382 average people are creating real passive income with online courses just using an easy "1 page funnel". You don't even need a separate website or selling platform. Create your course, sell it, and host it all inside SamCart. Start generating sales just by sharing your "1 page funnel" on social media, in an email, through paid ads, and more! Check it out here!
  • KWFinder from Mangools- the BEST keyword research tool hands down! I use this tool all the time whenever I want to create a blog post that will rank in Google search. Don't just create your blog posts blindly and hope that people magically find it... Use a keyword research tool like KWFinder and write your blog posts using keywords that have a low competition score to make sure that your post can be found online and your hard work doesn't go to waste. Check it out here!
  • Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Motivational, and Business Books- here is a growing list of books I have read to help me start and grow my art business. Refer back to this list often as I always read new books and add the best ones to this list.