Bling it Geodes: How to Create Jaw-Dropping Sparkling Geodes with Acrylic Pouring...NO Resin Needed!

Learn how to make embellished acrylic pouring geodes full of texture and lots of sparkle without using resin with this step-by-step course! 


Bling it Geodes Step-by-Step Video Course!

Would you like to learn how to do an acrylic pouring geode and turn it into a Gorgeous 3-D piece of art? 

Well, I created this step-by-step video course that takes you through my entire process so you can create your own masterpiece too! 

Bring your painting to life!!!

Learn how to add rocks, crystals, and lots of sparkle to your geodes. Make jaw-dropping sparkly geodes without any resin.

You don't have to be afraid of using toxic and messy resin because I will show you how to use my SECRET ingredient to create layers and depth.

Course Curriculum

(Total Value $150)


Module 1: Supplies

Lesson 1. Welcome

Lesson 2. Painting Surfaces

Lesson 3. Acrylic Pour Materials

Lesson 4. Sealer

Lesson 5. Materials for Depth and Texture


Module 2: Create the Geode Background

Lesson 1. Planning Geode Design

Lesson 2. Choosing Your Colors

Lesson 3. Mixing Your Paints and Pouring Medium

Lesson 4. Puddle Pour Technique

Lesson 5. Free Pour Technique


Module 3: Adding Depth and Dimension

Lesson 1. Sealing Your Painting Appropriately to Avoid Cracks

Lesson 2. Creating Depth with Layers

Lesson 3. Adding Crystal Clusters

Lesson 4. Adding Glitter

Lesson 5. Adding Rocks

Lesson 6. Adding Lines and Metallic Accents

Lesson 7. Wrapping Up


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2 Incredible FREE Bonuses so you can create your best art for friends, family, or clients.

Bonus 1
($97 Value)

Tiny Malachite Geode Mini Class

In this bonus mini-class, you'll embark on a mesmerizing journey to craft a captivating mini malachite geode (10"x10") without resin, unlike anything you've seen before.

What You'll Discover:

  • My New Pouring Medium Mix! Elevate your geode artistry with a revolutionary pouring medium mix specifically designed for creating stunning geode art colors.
  • Uncover My NEW Trick for Glitter Veins! Add an enchanting touch to your geode piece with newfound techniques for adding sparkle and glitter veins, breathing life into your artwork.
  • Learn how to transform leftover glitter mix into dazzling embellishments!
  • Master the Art of Smooth Color Transitions! Say goodbye to stark lines and welcome smooth transitions as colors blend seamlessly, elevating your geode art to new levels.
  • My SECRET TRICK for adding dimension, beauty, and depth to your geode piece, leaving your audience in awe. 

This bonus mini-class is your gateway to crafting a unique and stunning malachite geode art piece that will leave you in awe of your own artistic prowess! 

Bonus 1
($125 Value)

Signature Amethyst Geode Class

In this exclusive bonus class, you'll step into the world of geode magic as you uncover the hidden artistry techniques used to create a magnificent (20"x20") Amethyst Geode wall art piece. 

What You'll Discover: 

  • Exclusive fusion of two acrylic pouring techniques, unlocking the secret to crafting breathtakingly realistic amethyst geode patterns!
  • Elevate your geode to a whole new level! Learn a simple trick that will enhance the allure of your geode, transforming it into a mesmerizing spectacle. 
  • Master the Illusion of Glowing Colors! Dive into the realm of artistic alchemy as you learn how to combine different acrylic paints to create the illusion of radiant, glowing colors within your amethyst geode art. 

Unearth the Extraordinary! Enroll in "Bling it Geodes" and Secure Your Amethyst Geode Wall Art Tutorial!


Judy Huck Art & Designs

I signed up for the Bling It Geodes course... It was a very good course. I haven't stopped making geodes since.

I signed up for the Bling It Geodes course with Love Acrylic Painting with Loida. It was a very good course and introduced some new techniques (well new to me) for making geode art. The course inspired me to explore geode art further. I haven't stopped making geodes since. The communication with the instructor was excellent. Thank you.

Thank for your this! I really enjoyed learning some new tips and tricks that will make beautiful creations without using resin!

Lori L. Clark

I am working my way thru your class I purchased. Very fun stuff.

Diana Dougherty

I just want you to know that I purchased a course from you for beginners and you are an amazing instructor. You are kind and sharing, and I learned a lot from you. Thank you.

Caren L. Cagne

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